Hockey Services has the experience to assist you in the proper selection of
Team Jerseys, Socks, Equipment and Apparel. We strive to supply you with the right products to meet your team budget as well as service you with
proper sizing, accurate imprinting, and timely delivery.
  Team Products are unavailable as online purchases due to the many options and specifications available. We are committed to properly servicing you & find it important to personally assist you through your Team Product Order.
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The Team Products section of the site is designed as a tool to assist you in the selection of the various product options available. We have developed the following step-by-step directions as a guide to help you determine your team product needs. Please feel free to call us any time you have questions regarding Team Products.
Step 1
Browse the Site
We encourage you to browse the Team Products section to familiarize yourself with the products available and determine the items in which you and your team members may have an interest. The product representation in this section are items which are typically selected by hockey teams throughout the country as team purchases.
Step 2
Determine Team Budget
Once you and your team members discuss the options available, we suggest you establish a team product budget. You will need to determine the cost per player, either by deciding on the amount each player is willing to contribute if individually responsible for the costs, or by dividing the amount available from sponsorships and other team financing by the number of players.
Step 3
Preliminary Product Selection
At this point you should return to the site to select the items that will best fit both your team's product needs and budget constraints.
Step 4
Contact Hockey Services
We strongly suggest you contact us once you have determined preliminary product selection and pricing in order for us to help you finalize your selections. Using our many years of experience in Team Products, we will be able to make recommendations that may allow you to save money and feel confident that the items you have selected are right for your team. Together we will determine final product selection and colors as well as logo, name and numbering options.
Step 5
Complete Team Roster
Complete and submit the "Team Roster". (You may want to print the form and complete manually prior to completing on-line.)
Step 6
Receive Quote
Upon receipt of the team roster, a Hockey Services Representative will prepare a quote within 48 hours, and fax or e-mail you a copy for final acceptance of the order.
Step 7
Confirm Order
Once we receive order confirmation and payment information, we will process the order and inform you of the anticipated delivery date of your Team Products.