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Goalie Equipment

Because of their unique function on the team, goalies require a lot of specialized equipment–and not just the extra padding. Hockey Services carries a great selection of goalie equipment, including:
  • Goalie masks
  • Goalie catch gloves & blockers
  • Goalie leg pads
  • Goalie sticks
  • Goalie upper body padding
  • Goalie pants
  • Goalie skates
  • Goalie bags & accessories

What is the difference between goalie equipment and player equipment?

There are a lot of differences between goalie equipment and other player equipment. For starters, goalies require more padding because they often use their whole bodies to block the goal. How much more padding? Goalies often use extra upper body padding, extra leg padding, and throat guards. All of that extra goalie equipment requires a bigger equipment bag as well–some goalie bags even come with wheels for easier handling. 

Goalie Equipment 2

Goalie Skates & Sticks

Goalies also use different skates and sticks than other players. Goalies move differently than other players, so their skates are designed to accommodate that difference. Goalies need to be able to move from side to side quickly, which means they need more room in the ankles and flatter skate blades. Goalie sticks are also different from other sticks–the lower half of the shaft and the blade are wider to provide more blocking surface for the goalie. 

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